A Performance Audit is a mandatory review of the common elements of newly constructed Condominiums and, as of 2018, Condominium conversions.  The Performance Audit is conducted after turnover and consists of a detailed report outlining the inspection, findings, and a provides a list of construction deficiencies. The Performance Audit identifies warrantable claims against the Builder before the expiry of the one-, two-, and seven-year Tarion warranties. 

In addition to providing Performance Audits, McIntosh Perry also provides the condominium industry with an additional optional service called a Pre-Performance Audit (PPA). A PPA is a useful tool that is used before turnover to identify and address issues prior to the eventual Condominium Corporation conducting their Performance Audit.  

We developed our PPA services from our long history working with Developers, Tarion, and Condominiums. A PPA is an additional risk-reduction tool that can help both the developer and condominium board at the time of turnover. This is in addition to the Registrar Bulletin 19 Field Review Consultant services we provide during construction.  We focus the PPA on the intended common element components of the new development, including the extent of compliance of the “as-built” construction with the requirements detailed in the Ontario Building Code and acceptable construction practice, as well the requirements detailed in the design specifications and architectural and engineering drawings. We also use the PPA to identify deficiencies typically warranted by Tarion.  

The intention of identifying and addressing these issues beforehand is that the Developer has a clear understanding of the deficiencies which will help the negotiations with the Condominium Corporation and Tarion. The PPA will also identifies warranty issues with Trades closer to the end of construction while still under their individual contractual warranty with the Developer.   

Our PPA revolves around in-person visual reviews of: ​

  • As-Built Documents​ 
  • Site Work​ (landscaping, walkways, amenities, etc.) 
  • Structural Frame​ (foundation walls, columns, beams, slabs, etc.) 
  • Building Envelope ​(roof, walls, windows, doors, etc.) 
  • Mechanical Equipment​ (heaters, boilers, pumps, piping, etc.) 
  • Electrical Systems​ (transformers, switchgear, panels, distribution, etc.) 
  • Life Safety​ (roof anchors, fire detection, alarm, suppression, etc.) 
  • Interior Finishes​ (ceilings, walls, baseboards, flooring, furnishings, etc.) 
  • Elevating Devices (equipment, cabs, controls, etc.) 

The findings are summarized in an Excel table for filtering and sorting by Tarion performance audit tracking system standards and can be readily adapted to associate deficiencies with the appropriate Trades.  We have conducted dozens of PPA for condominiums across Ontario, helping our clients identify deficiencies that resulted in time and money saved.  

 ​Have any questions about Pre-Performance Audits or other building science services? Please contact us to see how we can help you turn possibilities into reality. 

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