In December 2017, we partnered with an orphanage and boarding school in Kenya to install a new water supply system. The facility is located on the outskirts of the City of Eldoret in northwest Kenya. The municipal water supply serves the facility, but service was intermittent at best, and  during the dry season, no water could be provided. In 2014, the school installed a dug well. Water was withdrawn with a bucket and a rope, which created both health and safety and water quality issues.

Staff from our Ottawa office pitched in to purchase a full solar-powered system, which included a pump, controller, new water tower, solar panels and a full treatment system (TSS removal and UV disinfection).  With some of our staff on site, we commissioned the system. The solar power system provides more than enough power for the water system and plans are in place for additional lights and other appurtenances at the school.

Ottawa staff commission a Solar Powered water storage and filter system in Kenya

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