McIntosh Perry (MP) and Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN), known as North America’s leading team of Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Experts, and Problem Solvers have once again, through a Joint Project – Turned Possibilities into Reality.

Project Spotlight

Our Partner Firm in the U.S., BLN was retained by the Indiana Department of Administration to undertake the Building Condition Assessments of more than 4,300 state assets. IDOA oversaw the inspection of assets from a variety of other State Departments, including the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Corrections. The assets were wide-ranging, from park cabins and sheds, up to State-owned office buildings and prison buildings.

Scope of Work and Project Value

The inspection of all assets was required to determine their condition, estimate maintenance, and capital repair needs and costs, and summarize in a report. The information prepared was shared with the State and was used to make a funding request so that work could begin addressing the needs for a USD $2.3 M worth project (approx. value)

The project was intended to provide IDOA with the information needed to request funding. In a nutshell, this meant quantifying how much money was expected would be required to address the needs of the thousands of inspected assets.

Innovative Solutions and their Implementation

Due to the tight delivery deadline, MP and BLN had to engage numerous subconsultants to help execute the field inspection. To ensure the smooth functioning of the process, coordinated efforts were made to ensure that all sub-consultants met the specific requirements and data to be collected while on site. This provided consistency between inspections conducted by different individuals and companies.

MP and BLN worked closely together to implement this uniformity. While BLN was managing the project, McIntosh Perry offered significant experience in the area and knew the critical information needed to be collected by all inspectors and helped prepare BLN to share that with subs.

Applying the Latest Technology

BLN worked with the development team to generate a web-based application that could be used by all inspectors and reviewers to collect the data in a single location. This allowed for uniform info collection and tracking deliverables.

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