McIntosh Perry provides full-service engineering consulting and technical solutions to the private and public sectors in Vancouver, BC. Our office is located within the greater Metro Vancouver area, just a short distance from downtown and the stunning nature that surrounds the coastal city.

Our multidisciplinary team is professionally certified by the Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia and has successfully delivered countless engineering projects throughout British Columbia. With over five decades of experience, we bring a deep level of expertise to each project and the ability to solve any problem regardless of size or complexity.

Vancouver Building Restoration and Project Management Services

We help owners, operators and managers extend the life of their properties. From foundation to rooftop, McIntosh Perry’s Vancouver building restoration and structural engineering team expertly evaluates, designs, and rehabilitates establishments that are not performing as designed. In addition, our construction and project management capabilities allow us to make cost-effective improvements that revitalize historic and modern structures in need of repair.

Vancouver Structural Engineering Services

With extensive experience and industry-leading technical expertise, our Vancouver structural engineering services team delivers highly resilient and durable structures. Throughout the lifecycle of complex projects, McIntosh Perry engineers and materials scientists proactively identify and address structural issues. We closely evaluate construction progress and collaborate with project stakeholders to mitigate risks and protect the bottom line.

Vancouver Depreciation Report Services

A foremost provider of depreciation report services in Vancouver, we are known for providing detailed documentation and, more importantly, for clarifying the results and explaining them in terms that a strata council can easily comprehend. We fully understand provincial strata depreciation report requirements and, over time, have perfected our services to provide additional value. For example, our cost projections extend beyond the typical 30 years, and our reports cost less than others, thanks to efficiencies we’ve built into our reporting systems.

Certifications and Accreditations

McIntosh Perry holds many provincial and nationally recognized designations, including:

Featured Projects

Our Vancouver engineering team has successfully completed many notable world-class projects, which include:

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