McIntosh Perry provides comprehensive consulting engineering and technical solutions to the private and public sector in Toronto, ON. Our office is located within the GTA, just outside the bustling metropolis of Canada’s largest city. We also serve businesses throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Since the early 1970s, we have successfully delivered countless complex engineering projects in the Toronto area. Our professionally licensed team is fueled by a passion for engineering, technical expertise and creative problem-solving.

We work closely with the City of Toronto and surrounding municipalities, including Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Oakville, and Barrie. To support the needs of our GTA clients, we operate a local concrete testing and materials laboratory certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS).

Toronto Building Services

A leading provider of Building services, McIntosh Perry has spent decades working on thousands of buildings across Canada. We’re a recognized presence within the GTA, having partnered with every major real estate firm in Toronto and are known as Ontario’s preeminent providers of Tarion Builder Bulletin 19 Field Review Consultant services.

Our multidisciplinary Toronto building service offerings cover the entire building life cycle, from inspection and testing to design, reviews, decommissioning, and pre-demolition.

Our services include:

Toronto Building Restoration and Structural Engineering Services

McIntosh Perry has a long history of evaluating, designing and rehabilitating structures of all sizes. Our Toronto Building Restoration and Structural Engineering team resolves complex design challenges for building owners, operators and managers across all business sectors. We deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to increase the performance of the building and extend the life of the structure.

Our services include:

Toronto Environmental Engineering Services

The Toronto Environmental Engineering services team at McIntosh Perry draws upon vast experience and regulatory know-how to assess the conditions of new and existing sites and deliver comprehensive consulting services. We work with municipalities, provincial governments, private landowners, developers, and contractors on sustainable development projects of all sizes.

Our engineers specialize in the process of gaining permits such as Records of Site Condition (RSC) and Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs). We also provide detailed Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), remediation programs, hydrogeological reviews, site monitoring, and risk assessments that allow for cost-efficient decision making and development planning.

Toronto Geotechnical Services for Foundations and Pavement

For over 40 years, our geotechnical experts have provided a broad range of services required to plan and execute ground engineering projects. From site investigations to comprehensive design services, our Toronto Geotechnical Foundation team uses sound industry knowledge and advanced technology to perform full-cycle ground engineering analysis for infrastructure projects.

McIntosh Perry’s expertise extends to include Geotechnical Pavement services in the Toronto area. In addition to carefully crafting pavement designs, we perform road condition assessments, soil and pavement investigations and offer pavement asset management services. With the proactive identification of risks and strategic planning, we extend the life of public and private roadways.

Toronto Transportation Structure Services

McIntosh Perry fully executes all stages of project management for Toronto area Transportation Structures. With a vast amount of experience in this space, we provide structural engineering and design services for the new construction, rehabilitation and repair of bridges, retaining and noise walls, culverts, high-mast lighting, and overhead signage.

Our breadth of skills allows us to provide associated services to government agencies, developers, contractors and private enterprises, including inspections and evaluations, surveys, financial analysis and more.

Toronto Transportation Engineering and Planning Services

McIntosh Perry provides Transportation Construction Design, Engineering and Planning services in Toronto. Our multidisciplinary team utilizes extensive experience and leading-edge technical innovation to create safe and effective transportation solutions.

We consistently collaborate with all stakeholders and leverage long-term relationships with regulatory agencies to deliver successful road and highway projects for our public and private sector clients.

Toronto Contract Administration Services

With over 20 years of experience, McIntosh Perry has built an impressive Toronto area Contract Administration team. We work on behalf of government and private sector clients to deliver projects on-time, on-budget and fully compliant.

Our extensive experience allows us to monitor project performance in the field closely. Engaging at every level, we eliminate risks and resolve problems to successfully execute the originally established construction vision.

Certifications and Accreditations

McIntosh Perry holds many nationally recognized designations and is professionally certified by, or a member of, the following organizations in Toronto:

Featured Projects

Our Toronto area project management team has a proven track record of delivering successful, world-class projects to every client, such as:

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