The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Toronto Section recently announced the winner of its 10th Annual Project of the Year Award recognizing a ground-breaking transportation project demonstrating excellence and innovation in the field of Transportation. McIntosh Perry completed this project for the City of Vaughan and was part of the project team that was honoured with the award for their work on the historic Kleinburg Village in Kleinburg, Ontario.

The Kleinburg Parking Strategy demonstrates innovative ways of addressing common parking challenges in historic district environments and can serve as an example to other jurisdictions encountering similar concerns.

The Project

Kleinburg Village is the City of Vaughan’s premier commercial neighbour with a charming residential community at its core and a rich and diverse history. It’s also a destination for thousands of visitors and limited public parking is recognized as a significant challenge.

The study employed a multi-faceted approach to understanding the parking and transportation challenges present in Kleinburg Village, followed by forecasting future parking and transportation needs, and developing parking and transportation recommendations through the immediate, short-, medium-, and long-term needs.

The Kleinburg Parking Strategy is focused on fostering a walkable and pleasant historic Village. The resulting recommendations provide the City a pathway to achieving a transition from auto-orientation to more pedestrian-orientation, while still accommodating the forecasted parking demand. The strategy will address the current parking conditions and recommend implementable parking management solutions.

McIntosh Perry develops world class solutions for its world class clients. We appreciate that other’s see our team the way our clients do. It’s an honor to be recognized and share some good news in these uncertain times.

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