McIntosh Perry has experience in a variety of Heavy Oil Projects including SAGD, cyclic steam and cold flow production. These include pad sites, pipelines and operations/maintenance support projects in a variety of areas in Western Canada and Albania for both sweet and sour production applications.

  • Steam Assisted Drainage – SAGD
  • Cyclic Steam Stimulation – CCS
  • Cold Heavy Oil Production – CHOPS
  • Multi-well Padsites
  • Pipeline – Steam, Emulsion Gathering, Water, Gas
  • Facilities – Central Facilities, Batteries, Satellites – Upgrades, Operations & Maintenance Support/ MOC Projects

McIntosh Perry’s experience in Heavy oil projects includes:

  • Jackfish SAGD – Central Facility and Padsites, Operations & Maintenance Projects, MOC’s
  • BlackGold SAGD – Central Facility, Operations & Maintenance Projects, MOC’s
  • Kerrobert – SAGD Pad Sites, Steam & Emulsion Pipelines, OTSG install
  • Peace River – Cyclic Steam Pad Sites
  • Lloydminister – CHOPS
  • Albania – Pipelines – Heavy Oil Emulsion Gathering, Water and Fuel Gas Distribution, Facility Upgrades including Batteries, Satellites and Padsites

Operations & Maintenance/MOC’s:

  • Solvent Lab
  • Cut Shacks
  • Filter additions
  • Water Line Addition
  • Trench Remediation
  • Flocculent Injection
  • VRU
  • Polymer Injection
  • Lime and Magox upgrade
  • Turbidity meter
  • Addition of LP line to Pond
  • Liner Replacement
  • Fuel gas metering and additions to existing wellsite’s
  • Oil Tank Tie-Ins
  • Piping Upgrades and Re-Rates
  • Secondary Containment

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