At McIntosh Perry, we know that community engagement is a key factor in building great communities, and that the success of any project depends on keeping the public and stakeholders informed. Starting by developing a thorough understanding of the project, we craft clear communication and create opportunities for all involved parties to share informed feedback with the project team.

As a team of experienced professionals with a range of expertise in engineering, including transportation, environmental, municipal, and structural, we ensure project success by combining technical knowledge with engagement best practices. Teamwork is central to our success, and we demonstrate this core value by collaborating with clients, partners and the public on projects that help improve our communities.

Our comprehensive engagement strategies and techniques, based on the International Association For Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum, balances all perspectives with the consideration of all values to create alternatives and define solutions. Our goal is to include all voices into the decision-making process to support sustainable and responsible community growth and renewal.

We are committed to:

  • Promote Engagement with Members of the Public and Project Stakeholders
  • Provide an Understandable Engagement Process
  • Integrate Creative Engagement and Communication
  • Create an Accessible Process Considering All Ages and Abilities
  • Coordinate and Collaborate with Staff and Partners

Our Commitment in the Digital World

The impact of COVID-19 has changed the way we engage with communities, but not our commitment to do so. The health and safety of our clients, partners, staff, and the public has always been our top priority, and we’ve adapted the way we engage with communities with this in mind.

Digital tools have played a central role since the beginning of our community engagement efforts and are now in the forefront. We’ve developed options to offer meaningful and effective engagement in an environment that keeps everyone safe.

Our digital toolbox includes:

  • Stakeholder Interviews
    • We use online conferencing and collaboration tools to connect all project stakeholders
  • Surveys
    • We use online survey tools to collect opinions of the public to create a feedback channel
  • Websites
  • We create and maintain project-specific websites to provide detailed project information and updates.
  • Conversation Cafes
  • We facilitate communication between project stakeholders using online collaboration tools.
  • Open Houses
  • We coordinate webinar or live-stream sessions with key project team members and the public that include moderated question and answer sessions.
  • Visioning Sessions and Idea Charrettes
  • We use online collaboration tools to create communication spaces where ideas can be expressed.

The way we engage and communicate continues to evolve, McIntosh Perry remains committed to keeping our clients, partners and communities informed.

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