McIntosh Perry is proud to share some news on our Energy division’s progress in supporting our clients in reducing their environmental footprint within the Oil and Gas Industry.

In the last 7 months, with the development of our Regulatory and Environmental group, the team has been able to provide solutions to our clients for reducing their facility emissions, while utilizing some government and industry funded incentive programs to ensure the projects are financially viable. To date we have supported the following:

  • Approximately 9,671,356 Tonnes of CO2E removed from the atmosphere upon project completion and commissioning.
  • Over 27 million dollars of financial support applied for.
  • Supported 7 different midstream and producing companies.
  • Completed 10 funding program applications that cover 15 projects.
  • Projects types approved include but not limited to VRU Installation, Flare system upgrades,  Compressor Seal Venting Capture and Utilization, New Pipeline Construction to Conserve Gas, Pneumatic Instrumentation Retrofit (zero venting, low bleed), and others.

There are still open on-going and new funding programs for producers and technology providers. Please reach out to us to learn more about the available opportunities.

Adrienne Headrick, B.A. SC., EP,
Manager, Regulatory & Environmental Development, Energy


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