Every responsible building owner knows that you need to have a plan for future repairs. Reserve Fund Study companies provide one of the best resources to determine the timing and cost of upcoming repairs and replacements of building components.

Our team assesses the current condition of the building components, then identifies the expected service life and recommends a repair approach. Having prepared thousands of reserve fund studies on townhouses, high-rises, and industrial/commercial properties, our team has the experience to prioritize which components need repair from the urgent to the cosmetic. Aided by our knowledge of the full building life cycle and supported by our national team of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and technologists, we help Condominium Boards and building owners make more informed decisions that protect their investment.

We also provide a wide range of services for condominiums, including building condition assessments, asbestos and mould surveys, and project management, contract administration and tendering for balconies, windows, roofs, walls and parking garage repairs and replacements.

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