Published: January 11, 2022 By: Carol Anne Stares

Written by, Rand Mahmoud, BSc. (Hons), Project Coordinator, Building Quality Assurance, at McIntosh Perry.

Once Module 2A (Scope of Work) is submitted to Tarion to outline the work related to a new condominium, design consultants must submit Module 4A (Design Certificate). This is a crucial document that needs to be addressed and closely looked at as it determines the responsibility of each consultant on the design team in terms of the risk areas related to the project. The risk areas addressed in this document are the ones outlined in the scope of work.

As one of the preeminent providers of Tarion Builder Bulletin 19 Field Review Consultant services, we have decades of experience and expertise to help you navigate the process. Tarion Bulletin 19 Module 4A is a topic we get questions about often, so here are some commonly asked questions with answers.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a design certificate?

A: The design certificates aka Module 4A is a form that must be completed by the prime consultants of a given project to address all risk areas applicable to identify design responsibility for each risk area.

Q: Who must complete the Module 4A?

A: All consultants part of the design team on the project must complete the form. Typically, it is completed by the following consultants: Architect, Structural, Landscape Architect, Geotechnical, Site work (Civil), Interior design, Mechanical, Electrical, and Acoustical. However, this form can also be filled by a sprinkler consultant, pool consultant, fire safety consultant, etc.

Q: What if some of the risk areas are not applicable to the project?

A: The risk areas that are not applicable have to be identified by the team and marked as N/A on the design certificates for the FRC to identify what risk areas must be inspected and ensure the info provided matches the approved shop drawings.

Q: Is the consultant initialing the risk areas responsible for the execution and quality of the work?

A: The design certificate only identifies the consultant responsible for the DESIGN, it does NOT replace the final clearance letters that have to be submitted when work is completed. The final clearance letter is where the consultant signs off on the completion in accordance to standards, design, and code.

Q: What documents must be submitted alongside the Module 4A?

A: Each consultant must submit proof of practice and insurance at the time of the design certificate submission for Tarion to accept the documents.

Q: What happens if a risk area becomes not applicable throughout the construction process or vice versa?

A: The design consultant must notify the FRC immediately and submit an updated design certificate to resubmit to Tarion.

Q: If one of the consultants on the design team was replaced during the construction period, does the design certificate from the previous consultant become void?

A: Yes, if one of the design consultants is no longer on the team then the new consultant must submit an updated design certificate. The consultant who signs the design certificate must be the same one providing the final clearance letter.

Q: Can the Field Review Consultant complete the design certificate for some of the risk areas?

A: No, the FRC cannot submit a design certificate since they can’t be part of the design team as Tarion identifies that as a conflict of interest.

Q: When is the deadline for the design certificate submission?

A: The design certificates must be submitted at the beginning of the project right after the submission of the Module 2A (Scope of Work). They need to be submitted before work commences on the individual risk areas, for example, the design certificate by the Geotechnical consultant must be submitted before the start of work on the foundations. The actual deadline for submission is before the completion of the structure.

Q: What happens if there are missing design certificates after the deadline?

A: All reports submitted to Tarion will be rejected if the design certificates are not submitted by the time the Milestone Report no. 2 is due (Super Structure Complete).

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