caulking wall application
How To Verify Building Envelope Performance
May 29, 2014
With the industry push towards higher efficiency building envelopes, designers are using new materials to their maximum limits and designing spaces and systems within buildings for maximum efficiencies.  While the theoretical envelopes are being pushed these design expectations are often not matched by actual performance.  This session will discuss a range of performance confirmation technologies […]
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The Importance of Good Caulking
April 28, 2014
Caulking materials are an important component of exterior walls. They seal expansion and contraction joints, joints between dissimilar materials such as glass, steel, masonry and concrete and joints in window frames, metal curtainwall and balcony enclosures. Their main function is to prevent rain and dirt from entering the joints and, depending on the purpose of […]
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Fire Exit
Life Safety Audits
March 5, 2014
Fire Codes are an instrument designed to promote fire safety and to provide planning in order to minimise the affects of a fire. Fire Codes specifies the basic requirements for buildings such as the Fire Alarm system, Fire Suppression systems, Fire fighter’s access, Emergency lighting/power systems and means of egress. Some may see this as […]
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The Power of Oversight
February 17, 2014
As we live in an era where there are more and more specialists and super-salesmen promoting products claiming to improve our living conditions and environment, it is important to step back and fully review what is being offered and why. Will it meet our expectations? How can it be implemented – and at what cost? […]
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Underground Parking Lot.
Shoring Parking Garages
January 10, 2014
With all the snow that parts of North America has accumulated recently, it’s important to remember the need to shore up roofs of parking garages and other structures to support extra weight. Excess weight, such as snow or even heavy vehicles, placed on a parking garage can lead to damage or even a collapse. Parking […]
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ladder access safety
Ladder Safety
October 21, 2013
The cold weather time of year that brings about colourful foliage is the only sort of fall that we should have to prepare ourselves for. The IHSA Service Sector Health & Safety Committee receives regularly updated report on the monthly casualties in the province of Ontario from the Ministry of Labour – and the biggest […]
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Concrete Testing
Concrete Testing
October 17, 2013
Winter is approaching and concrete repair work often takes place during cold weather which requires additional precautions. It is necessary to ensure that the concrete is not damaged by frost while it is setting and that it achieves the minimum compressive strength by the structural engineer. It is vital to monitor the early strength gain of […]
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Aura at College Park
Aura New Toronto Landmark
October 7, 2013
The Toronto Star published a column that argues the Aura is the new face of downtown Toronto, replacing the CN Tower as the landmark used to navigate through the city.  Located at Yonge and Gerrad, the 78-storey is the tallest residential building in Canada. McIntosh Perry is proud to have been part of the team […]
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Condominiums and Mold
Condominiums and Mold
September 19, 2013
In recent years, the issue of mold in buildings has increasingly attracted public attention. Even though mold has inhabited the planet for millions of years, it has only recently become a serious concern to many people, legitimate in some cases, exaggerated in others. Mold is a type of fungus, commonly referred to as mildew whose […]
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Reserve Fund Study A Must
September 4, 2013
A recent article in the National Post outlined the need for condo corporations to update the Reserve Fund Study every three years. According to the The Condominium Act of Ontario, reserve fund studies must be completed every three years, and failure to do is a breach of the Act. As a current owner or potential […]
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Condensation In The Home
August 1, 2013
Condensation on windows and other cold surfaces is a natural occurrence when warm air laden with moisture (humidity) drops in temperature and the water vapour in the air is deposited. Basically air is like a sponge and the warmer the air the more moisture the air will hold, so when the air is cooled below […]
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smart meter
Energy Conservation
July 10, 2013
With the increase in Hydro rates many Boards of Directors and individuals are wondering what can be done to reduce that ever-growing burden – and fortunately there are ways to reduce hydro consumption and kill a watt (and more). Remember that every watt of electricity we save means less pollution at the power generation stage […]
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Toronto Skyscraper
Skyscraper City Toronto
June 3, 2013
A recent report shows Toronto has more tall buildings under construction than any other North American city, with the number of skyscrapers increasing by 40 percent in 2016.    Read more about the number of skyscrapers in Toronto here. To find out how we can help you with your next project, call us toll free […]
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Environmental Compliance Audits
May 15, 2013
Environmental Compliance Audits are a valuable tool which provides a measure of an organization’s level of compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, standards and local laws.  Environmental Compliance Audits allow an organization to demonstrate due diligence and environmental responsibility.  They allow the organization to predict and respond to environmental challenges. In conducting Environmental Compliance Audits, McIntosh […]
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