New Home Warranty Program in Alberta

Published: August 12, 2014 By: McIntosh Perry

Home Warranty ProgramAs of February 1, 2014, a new Home Warranty program took effect in Alberta. Under the new program, builders cannot get a building permit without a warranty provided by a Warranty Provider.

The Builder must now arrange for a professional engineer, professional technologist or a registered architect to prepare a Building Assessment Report (BAR) for the common property and common facilities of a condominium building.

McIntosh Perry has decades of experience providing building quality assurance programs  on a wide range of buildings. Our services include:

  • Detailed exterior assessment from grade and deck levels, including second floor windows, siding and roof edge work.
  • Detailed interior assessment, including mechanical systems, plumbing, foundation walls, general finishing, insulation levels in attics, visible structural aspects in basements and attics.
  • Quality assurance  investigations during construction.
  • Identification of any defects or deficiencies.

We are familiar with the Home Warranty Program and are experienced with similar warranty programs in other provinces across Canada. We can produce a BAR report that satisfies the requirements of the Home Warranty Program. Our expertise and knowledge come from working on more than 50,000 projects during our storied history.

To contact McIntosh Perry for more information on the New Alberta Home Warranty Program and the Building Assessment Report, call our Calgary office at 403.457.774 or email us