Published: June 23, 2021 By: Carol Anne Stares

Federal and Provincial regulations that substantially limit allowed venting from Pneumatic devices are coming into effect within 2022 and 2023. There are several incentive funding programs that can financially support projects to eliminate or reduce venting. Due to the impending changes in regulations, time is of the essence to monetize on these emissions reductions.

This webinar covers important topics and considerations such as;

  • Overview  of AB, BC and Federal Pneumatic regulations
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate venting including Instrument Air, Electrification, Mechanical Systems and Gas capture
  • Available Incentive programs to fund projects
  • Carbon offset overview for pneumatic retrofits



Adrienne Headrick, B.A. SC., EP,
Manager, Regulatory & Environmental Development, Energy





Mark Ryan, P.Eng.,
Vice President, Engineering, Energy




Dean Michaud Dean Michaud, P.Eng.,
Vice President, Projects & Business Development, Energy