Sustainable Communities

Redeveloping Brownfields

The term “brownfields” refers to properties, often former industrial or commercial sites, that are vacant or underutilized because of real or perceived environmental contamination as a result of historical land use practices. Many of these sites are located on prime land, ripe for redevelopment, including: Gas Stations and Other Fuel Storage Factories Dry Cleaners Former... Read more »

Lessons Learned: Solar Projects Present Unique Stormwater Management Challenges

Jason Sharp, Adam O’Connor and Mark Priddle contributed an article to Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine titled “Lessons Learned: Solar Projects Present Unique Stormwater Management Challanges”. To read the article online, please visit here. To download a copy of the article, please visit click SWM 2017 ESE Dec Issue Ask for a free proposal for your... Read more »

Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Compliance Audits are a valuable tool which provides a measure of an organization’s level of compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, standards and local laws.  Environmental Compliance Audits allow an organization to demonstrate due diligence and environmental responsibility.  They allow the organization to predict and respond to environmental challenges. In conducting Environmental Compliance Audits, McIntosh... Read more »