Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: The Future of Fueling

Ready to say goodbye to your gas station and say hello to the new electric vehicle charging stations in your condominium building?  McIntosh Perry can get you plugged-in. With the rapidly growing concerns about climate change and sustainable living, Electric vehicles are gaining popularity due to their performance, low emissions, and of course, low maintenance... Read more »

Cycling In Our Communities

In the summer many Canadians are on the move; whether it’s running, walking or cycling, people from coast to coast are taking advantage of the warm weather to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. On August 8th, the UK celebrates Cycle to Work Day – one of the biggest cycle commuting events in the region.... Read more »

Redeveloping Brownfields

The term “brownfields” refers to properties, often former industrial or commercial sites, that are vacant or underutilized because of real or perceived environmental contamination as a result of historical land use practices. Many of these sites are located on prime land, ripe for redevelopment, including: Gas Stations and Other Fuel Storage Factories Dry Cleaners Former... Read more »