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Incentive Funding For Pneumatic Retrofit Projects

 Federal and Provincial regulations that substantially limit allowed venting from Pneumatic devices are coming into effect within 2022 and 2023. There are several incentive funding programs that can financially support projects to eliminate or reduce venting. Due to the impending changes in regulations, time is of the essence to monetize on these emissions reductions.... Read more »

[Webinar] Incentive Funding For Pneumatic Retrofit Projects

Incentive Funding For Pneumatic Retrofit Projects Thursday, June 17th @ 12:00pm MST/ 2:00pm EST, Microsoft Teams Join us for this interactive webinar as we walk you through an introduction to pneumatic devices, solutions for meeting or exceeding the regulatory requirements and utilizing financial support such as incentive programs or carbon offsets to support project costs.... Read more »

Hydrocarbon Condensate Stabilization

 Condensate Stabilization systems are familiar and not overly complicated, however there are a number of common design and operating issues that are poorly understood and seldom discussed. This webinar provides an overview of hydrocarbon condensate stabilization, the basics of system design, and mitigation of less visible issues such as wax and the costly problem... Read more »

Emission Reduction

McIntosh Perry is proud to share some news on our Energy division’s progress in supporting our clients in reducing their environmental footprint within the Oil and Gas Industry. In the last 7 months, with the development of our Regulatory and Environmental group, the team has been able to provide solutions to our clients for reducing... Read more »

Heavy Crude Oil Blending

 Oil transportation requirements, product specifications, and fluctuating commodity prices create both need and opportunity to make optimal use of various hydrocarbon feedstocks at production facilities. This webinar takes you through an overview of heavy crude oil blending, why blend, types of feed stocks, the basic elements of design, and  common pitfalls and oversights to... Read more »

Update On Air Emission Incentive Programs For The Oil And Gas Industry

 Oil & Gas regulations are ever changing. This webinar takes you through an in-depth discussion on incentive programs available to Oil and Gas Producers, reviews strategies for Carbon Emission Reductions and provides a high level overview of some of the tools and documents we have developed to navigate air emissions regulations for the industry.... Read more »

Regulatory Solutions and Support

Regulatory Expertise is an essential component to all phases of a successful project. McIntosh Perry recognizes that the ever-changing Canadian regulatory framework requires dedicated resources to comprehensively navigate municipal, provincial and federal legislation within the Oil and Gas Industry. We provide agile regulatory support to meet our client’s compliance goals, whether the goal is to... Read more »

Air Emissions Regulation Info Session and Incentive/Grant Programs

 Adrienne Headrick, Manager, Regulatory and Environmental Development, Energy, McIntosh Perry, presents an informative session on Air Regulations and Incentive/Grant Programs available to support current initiatives.   Summary of Alberta Incentive Programs for Reducing Emissions in the Oil and Gas Industry Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (IEE CCUS) The $80-million IEE... Read more »