Ottawa Condo Market Poised to ‘Change Dramatically’

In a recent interview with Brad Lamb, who has made a name for himself over the past couple of decades as one of the GTA’s leading condo builders – according to it’s website, his Lamb Development Corp has sold more than $1.3 billion worth of properties since 2001 when his company was founded – he... Read more »

ACMO/CCI-T Condominium Conference Wrap-up

  Jon Juffs, Director, Condominium/Strata Group, talks about the importance of attending the annual condo conference. Ask for a free proposal for your next project today. Call toll free 1-888-348-8991. CONTACT US ONLINE

ACMO / CCI-T Condominium Conference

McIntosh Perry will be at the ACMO / CCI-T Condominium Conference on at the Toronto Congress Centre from November 10 to the 11. Stop by booth 112 to discuss our range of services for the condo industry, including reserve fund studies, performance audits, project management for parking garages, balconies, roofs and windows, and mould assessments.... Read more »

Why Toronto’s Condo Market is Still in High Demand

Toronto’s condo market is still in high demand, even despite the new Ontario foreign-buyer tax. Here are some charts that explain why and how the market is not dying any time soon. First, construction hit an all-time high in Ontario in the second quarter of 2017. Contractors are building enough to meet the demand in... Read more »

New Condo Board Regulations in Ontario

Changes are coming to the way condo boards in Ontario operate. To increase transparency, Condominium Directors will have their names listed in a publicly accessible database. Currently, that information is available by paying a steep fee.  This rule was implemented after a group of people tried to take over at least six Toronto condo boards... Read more »

Vancouver Condo Owners Hit the Lottery Thanks to Bill 40

Thanks to this bill, the condo owners of two buildings in Coquitlam, BC have “hit the lottery”.

Condo Growth in Toronto Over the Last Five Decades

Over the last five decades, the Toronto condo industry has expanded rapidly, taking over neighborhoods both downtown and all over the GTA.

Air Quality

Even though condominiums built after 1990 are more air tight than older ones, occupants still need to ensure that they operate the air handling system for the health and safety of their families.

Toronto Condo Market Low Risk

Despite fears of a slow-down, the Toronto condo market juggernaut keeps rolling on.

Office Condos

As any used car owner will tell you, there’s advantages to owning over leasing. According to a report by Colliers, business owners in Toronto and Vancouver are adopting this philosophy when it comes to owning office space versus renting. In Vancouver, the rate of investors in office condo buyers grew to 83 percent in 2014... Read more »