Air Quality

Even though condominiums built after 1990 are more air tight than older ones, occupants still need to ensure that they operate the air handling system for the health and safety of their families.

The Power of Oversight

As we live in an era where there are more and more specialists and super-salesmen promoting products claiming to improve our living conditions and environment, it is important to step back and fully review what is being offered and why. Will it meet our expectations? How can it be implemented – and at what cost?... Read more »


In January 2012, changes in legislation banned the use of R11 refrigerant in chillers. The refrigerant of choice is either R123 and R134a, but the catch is R123 will be phased out in 2030. Even though that’s a long way off, building owners and operators should be aware of this date as well as other... Read more »