Building Envelope

Building Envelope Maintenance

The first impression one gets of a well maintained building is the way its exterior envelope looks. Giving the exterior cladding a face lift when it is needed makes a very old building look young and attractive and hence adds to the value of the building and individual units. Before you undertake any repairs, you... Read more »

Building Energy Modeling

As per the latest BCBC and VBBL requirements, ASHRAE-Checklist 90.1 201 is mandatory to be submitted for projects that require AHSRAE compliance. There are three building envelope compliance methods under ASHRAE 90.1: PRESCRIPTIVE METHOD (in which the building envelope thermal values are pre-defined) can only be used when the building has less than a 40%... Read more »

How To Verify Building Envelope Performance

With the industry push towards higher efficiency building envelopes, designers are using new materials to their maximum limits and designing spaces and systems within buildings for maximum efficiencies.  While the theoretical envelopes are being pushed these design expectations are often not matched by actual performance.  This session will discuss a range of performance confirmation technologies... Read more »