Building Services

Materials, Methods and Design of FRC/UHPC Courses

Learn about Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and how it relates to creating quality, sustainable, durable infrastructure and buildings resulting in very long service life with significantly less mass. UHPC with FRC was created to allow designers, stakeholders and those in the construction industry to provide extended lifespan infrastructure and building... Read more »

Green Bins Mandatory in Ottawa Apartment Buildings?

Driven by pressure from the provincial government’s Food and Organic Waste Framework last year, the City of Ottawa is debating making green bin programs mandatory at multi-residential dwellings, according to a recent article from the CBC.  The City launched a voluntary green bin program nine years ago, but only 29 per cent, or 500 of... Read more »

Park It: Autonomous Vehicles and Parking

Autonomous vehicles are already re-shaping how we think about driving – but as they rise in popularity, they’re also primed to have a major impact on parking, real estate and future city planning. The use of owned or leased vehicles is reducing with the popularity of shared-ride service providers, environmental concerns, increased walkability, as well... Read more »

Montreal’s Real Estate Market is about to Eclipse Vancouver’s

As reported in RHB Magazine (Rental Housing Business), Vancouver is in pace to lose its status as Canada’s second largest housing market to Montreal. It is still Canada’s most expensive city for housing; however, a recent breakdown in sales has led the value of real estate dealings significantly lower.  That in turn leaves Montreal’s rising... Read more »

Ice Accumulation on Sloped Roofs

Winter weather means ice and snow build up on your building's roof. Leaving this unchecked can lead to serious issue.

Air Quality

Even though condominiums built after 1990 are more air tight than older ones, occupants still need to ensure that they operate the air handling system for the health and safety of their families.

Building Envelope Maintenance

The first impression one gets of a well maintained building is the way its exterior envelope looks. Giving the exterior cladding a face lift when it is needed makes a very old building look young and attractive and hence adds to the value of the building and individual units. Before you undertake any repairs, you... Read more »

Roof Maintenance – Protecting Your Building’s Largest Asset

While no one has ever identified the nail whose lack caused a kingdom to be lost, it is well known that a poorly maintained roof can prove extremely costly. Occupants complain and eventually when their clothes or kitchen or computer network or collection of files is soaked once too often, move out or blame the... Read more »

The M Word – Mould in Fan Coil Units

By Jeff Jeffcoatt, P.Eng., BDS, RCM Vice President, Condominium/Strata Group A Four Letter Word Some property managers treat the discovery of mould in their buildings as being akin to using a four letter word (and I guess that is true of you Americanize the spelling to mold) but the fact is it does exist and it needs... Read more »