Author: McIntosh Perry

CCI Group Inc. is Now McIntosh Perry

Two Award-Winning Firms Completes Merger to Form One of the Largest Privately Held Engineering Firms in Canada.

McIntosh Perry Project Wins CEO Creative Solutions Award

McIntosh Perry came home winners from the 2017 Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) Award Gala.

OEL Projects Ltd. Joins McIntosh Perry

Two Leading Firms Form Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Company that Services the Public and Private Sectors Across Canada, and Includes Deep Oil & Gas Expertise.

Ice Accumulation on Sloped Roofs

Winter weather means ice and snow build up on your building's roof. Leaving this unchecked can lead to serious issue.

CCI Group Inc. and McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Announce Merger

Two Leading Firms Form Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Company that Services the Public and Private Sectors Across Canada.

Air Quality

Even though condominiums built after 1990 are more air tight than older ones, occupants still need to ensure that they operate the air handling system for the health and safety of their families.

Building Envelope Maintenance

The first impression one gets of a well maintained building is the way its exterior envelope looks. Giving the exterior cladding a face lift when it is needed makes a very old building look young and attractive and hence adds to the value of the building and individual units. Before you undertake any repairs, you... Read more »

Trio Of McIntosh Perry Engineers Takes Top CSCE Prize For Bridge Innovation

Three engineers with McIntosh Perry are being honoured nationally for their roles in advancing the way bridges are constructed and replaced in Ontario. Clifford Lam, Quazi Islam and Bala Tharmabala, are part of a team receiving a Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Excellence in Innovation in Civil Engineering award at the end of May for... Read more »

Hot Weather Concreting

On occasion during periods of hot summer weather, a testing company may report a low compressive strength test result and subsequent tests carried out on cores removed from the concrete appear to confirm the initial low test results. Often, further testing reveals that the concrete was satisfactory at the time of delivery and that, with the... Read more »

Why Concrete Cracks

While concrete has an impressive track record for durability, as demonstrated by such buildings as the Pantheon, it nonetheless has properties that make the development of cracks inevitable. Drying Shrinkage Concrete is a mixture of aggregate and cement paste; as the cement paste sets and hardens, it shrinks by as much as 25mm in 30cm.... Read more »