Author: Greg Devine

Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary Named Most Livable Cities

According to Analysts at the Economist’s Intelligence Unit, three Canadian cities Vancouver (third place), Toronto (fourth place) and Calgary (fifth place) all placed among the top five most livable cities to live in 2017. The quality of life is measured based on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. The top scoring cities are... Read more »

GTA Industrial Market Report

According to a recent report from Colliers, the GTA industrial market reported a 2.7% availability rate in the second quarter of 2017. A total of 2,534,996 square feet of new supply became available in this quarter, all in the GTA West. The average sales price per square foot in GTA was $169, which was a... Read more »

Canadian Office Market Overview

A new report released by Avison Young provide an overview of the Canadian office market. Trends in the first quarter of 2017 in Canada included many things such as urban intensification, transit development and workplace design. Alberta’s energy sector scores lower, especially in Calgary and Edmonton where the supply is higher than the demand, which... Read more »

Why Toronto’s Condo Market is Still in High Demand

Toronto’s condo market is still in high demand, even despite the new Ontario foreign-buyer tax. Here are some charts that explain why and how the market is not dying any time soon. First, construction hit an all-time high in Ontario in the second quarter of 2017. Contractors are building enough to meet the demand in... Read more »

New Condo Board Regulations in Ontario

Changes are coming to the way condo boards in Ontario operate. To increase transparency, Condominium Directors will have their names listed in a publicly accessible database. Currently, that information is available by paying a steep fee.  This rule was implemented after a group of people tried to take over at least six Toronto condo boards... Read more »

Rental Ownership Structure in Canada

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released a housing market insight report regarding the ownership structure of purpose-built rental apartments. The report presents that 90% of purpose built rental apartment units in Canada are dominated by either Individual Investors, or Private Corporations – leaving only about 10% for REITs, Public Corporations, Pension Funds and REIFs ownership... Read more »

Forest of Skyscrapers

Just west of Toronto’s downtown core, King-Spadina, once known for run down warehouses, is growing into a forest of glass and steel. The area continues to astonish,as it undergoes a construction like Toronto has never seen. Since 2004, at least 99 projects have been constructed, approved or pitched and the movement isn’t slowing down. King-Spadina is... Read more »

Ancient Roman Concrete Stronger Than Modern

The newly discovered secret to Roman water-based structures’ strength could help today’s builders reinvent modern concrete. For over 1,500 years, their structures still remain standing – and the secret has been revealed. The Romans were discovered to use a mix of volcanic ash, lime (calcium oxide), seawater and lumps of volcanic rock, which held together... Read more »

New Limits for Asbestos Exposure

A regulatory change came into force on July 12th as the government of Canada revised and corrected the Canadian Labour Code to minimize the exposure to airborne chrysotile asbestos as much as possible. Previously, the occupational exposure limit (OEL) was 1 fibre per cubic centimeter, but in reference to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists... Read more »

The Evolution of the Toronto Skyline

As anyone who lives, or visits, Hogtown knows, the city’s skyline is constantly changing. Skyline postcards from just a few years ago are hopelessly out of date as new developments sprout up.  According to the Toronto Star, this era of growth started in 1967 when Cadillac Fairview and TD Bank built the TD Center. The... Read more »