Author: Carol Anne Stares

Questions & Answers – Module 4A (Consultant Design Certificates)

Written by, Rand Mahmoud, BSc. (Hons), Project Coordinator, Building Quality Assurance, at McIntosh Perry. Once Module 2A (Scope of Work) is submitted to Tarion to outline the work related to a new condominium, design consultants must submit Module 4A (Design Certificate). This is a crucial document that needs to be addressed and closely looked at... Read more »

Celebrating Awards, Milestones and Memories of 2021

2021 might not have been the year we thought it was going to be, but we were still able to celebrate several significant milestones. We're thankful for our clients, partners, and our people, who helped each other through these challenging times. We are wrapping up the year by highlighting project milestones, awards, notable hires, our merger with BLN and so much more.

Stand Up for Kids Holiday Bike Challenge – Pedaling Past Our Goal

Between December 2nd and 5th, our staff pushed past their physical capabilities and took part in the Stand Up for Kids Holiday Bike Challenge in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Teams and individuals participated from the comfort of their own homes, at the gym, or outdoors despite the weather, all to raise... Read more »

Defining Our Core Purpose: Turning Possibilities Into Reality

At McIntosh Perry we believe in being purposeful in how we approach everything we do. Earlier this year we went on a journey to reflect on why we do the work we do and identify our core purpose. We wanted to define what is it that drives our people to strive, to achieve, and to... Read more »

The Buildings Show 2021: Building Condition Assessment & Safe Air Quality Solutions

The Building Show is North America’s largest event for products, services, educational programming and professional networking. Bringing together Construct Canada, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, PM Expo, and World of Concrete Toronto Pavilion under one roof for the built community. We’re excited that our team will be presenting two full sessions at this year’s conference. The... Read more »

Questions & Answers – Module 2A (Scope of Work)

Written by, Rand Mahmoud, BSc. (Hons), Project Coordinator, Building Quality Assurance, at McIntosh Perry. A new condominium is one of the most complex construction projects with lots of moving parts. If you’re building a condominium in Ontario, you have to manage the Tarion process, which some find confusing. As one of the preeminent providers of... Read more »

Tank and Compressor Seal Venting Solutions

 Federal and Provincial regulations substantially limit the overall facility venting as well as venting from compressor seals comes into effect January 1st, 2022. There are several incentive funding programs that can financially support projects to eliminate or reduce venting. Due to the impending changes in regulations, time is of the essence to monetize on... Read more »

[Webinar] Tank and Compressor Seal Venting Solutions

Tank and Compressor Seal Venting Solutions Thursday, October 7th @ 12:00pm MST/ 2:00pm EST, GoToWebinar Join us in this interactive webinar as we walk you through an introduction to compressor seal and tank venting, solutions for meeting or exceeding the regulatory requirements and utilizing financial support such as incentive program or carbon offsets to support... Read more »

Beam, Longest & Neff, LLC Merges with McIntosh Perry

Two Industry Leading Engineering Firms Join to Deliver High-Quality Infrastructure Projects Toronto, Ontario and Indianapolis, Indiana, August 18th, 2021 – McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. (McIntosh Perry), an award-winning consulting engineering company, is pleased to announce a merger with Beam, Longest & Neff, LLC (BLN), a leading infrastructure engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The partnership provides clients with... Read more »

Indigenous Relations & Partnerships

McIntosh Perry believes in developing and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. As important stakeholders, we listen and engage with Indigenous communities, to successfully deliver projects that best meet their needs. Our decades of experience have helped us respect and understand the unique needs of Indigenous communities. We have worked on many projects on... Read more »