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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry puts skills to work on Beckwith’s 9th Line Road

Not only is the township’s office building located on it, but the fire department, public works yard, and even an elementary school are also situated on the 9th Line Road…

McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. intimately knows every kilometre of the current construction on Beckwith Township’s 9th Line Road.

The multi-disciplinary engineering and related professional services firm has seen the project from the initial grant application process through to detailed design, tendering, and contract administration.

Beckwith’s 9th Line Road project incorporates a little bit of everything, from culvert replacements to installing left turn lanes and even a small bridge repair component. All that combines to make it the largest one-time construction project the township has ever undertaken, notes Adam O’Connor, Manager of Land Development with McIntosh Perry.

The project was made possible through a $2 million provincial grant to rebuild the roadway from Blacks Corners to Ashton, which McIntosh Perry helped to secure. Beckwith Township contributed 10 percent of the overall cost.

Back in 2012, McIntosh Perry was asked by the municipality to review its road network to determine if any of the township’s roads qualified for the provincial funding program. When Beckwith’s 9th Line Road aligned with the program specifications, McIntosh Perry professionals prepared the funding application with supporting information, including justification for repairs, conceptual design, along with estimated costs for project management, contract administration and construction.

O’Connor said as soon as the application was deemed successful, the firm began preparing preliminary design drawings with significant involvement from Beckwith Township’s municipal staff and council. While completing the design with the necessary supporting information, the firm continued to host biweekly meetings with the municipality to move forward cohesively with the design process. The project was soon revisited to extend the limit of construction to include more road reconstruction, which raised the total to approximately 10 km. O’Connor said a noteworthy portion of the preparation work entailed co-ordinating with utilities.

He added that the project has a unique edge in that Beckwith’s 9th Line Road serves as a main artery for many of the township’s integral services. “It’s a very significant roadway for the municipality,” O’Connor said.

“Not only is the township’s office building located on it, but the fire department, public works yard, and even  the Beckwith Elementary School are also situated on the 9th Line Road. In addition, it’s a connecting link for the township’s trail network which extends from Carleton Place through to the Beckwith Recreation Complex – which is equipped with a multi-use sports field, many soccer pitches and the areas indoor hockey rink and soccer field.”

O’Connor said those extra considerations played into the planning during the preliminary design. Once detailed design was completed, McIntosh Perry was given approval to proceed with co-ordinating the tender process. The project was advertised in February in order to obtain competitive pricing; in all 9 contractors submitted prices. The contract was then awarded to the lowest bidder, a local contractor, and work began. O’Connor said construction started in early-June and is currently under budget and meeting timelines. It is expected to wrap up late October 2014.  

He said the project made good use of McIntosh Perry’s multi-disciplinary nature, as it utilized professional staff from varying sectors including municipal engineering and design, geotechnical services, surveying, GIS, contract administration and more.

O’Connor said that due to the nature of Beckwith being a rural municipality, it had limited staff resources to apply to the project. He said his group co-ordinated all aspects of the project while providing a single point of contact which simplified communication with varying township departments. “We worked hard to incorporate many of the municipality’s requests with respect to their design criteria,” he said.

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