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McIntosh Perry

We Day Impacts: Since 2007

McIntosh Perry helps turn ‘me to we’

...no matter what age you are, you can make a difference...

Karen Hubert, McIntosh Perry employee who attended National We Day - Canada 2014

Photo courtesy of Rebecca E. Wilson

Photo courtesy of Rebecca E. Wilson

McIntosh Perry knows first-hand that motivation can come from being part of an inspiring team.

The firm recently put its community-minded approach into practice by sponsoring National We Day – Canada 2014. McIntosh Perry’s involvement proved integral in uniting the business and educational communities, helping to make it possible to bring together more than 16,000 youth in Ottawa for an exciting event featuring popular musical guests and enlightening speakers.

We Day, which took place at Canadian Tire Centre, is about empowering youth to be change-makers. An initiative of Free the Children, the day centres around encouraging young people to act locally and globally. The event is also an extension of We Act, a school program that supports students and teachers with free educational resources, student-led campaigns and support materials.

Since 2007, students involved in We Act have raised $37 million for more than 1,000 local and global causes of their choice.

The national event received positive press across the country and McIntosh Perry is proud to be a part of such a mobilizing youth movement.

McIntosh Perry’s internal community is just as united. McIntosh Perry team members excel at bringing together employees to foster the strength of our team. In addition, the firm actively encourages employees to support local efforts in our communities through charitable activities, volunteerism and donations.

To find out more about what McIntosh Perry does within our communities and how the company thinks outside the cubicle, visit our careers page.