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McIntosh Perry

How our morning starts each and everyday.

There are no ties required at McIntosh Perry

Every morning, teams congregate in a 10 minute “team huddle”. There, staff members share good news stories and  go over their top priorities and challenges for the day, bolstering communications within the firm. It makes employees prepared, gives the day focus and provides a chance to bounce ideas around and gain insight into projects that other colleagues are working on. People go their separate ways with a sense of purpose, ready to face the task at hand – and the day ahead.

That’s the essence of our strategy: supporting employees and creating a balance of professionalism and social interaction in the workplace. Here, you can be a part of something.

The family atmosphere in the company is tangible. Our energetic staff is trusted to complete work, with managers always accessible and office doors are rarely closed. In fact, the office of McIntosh Perry President, Todd Perry, is positioned strategically in a central location on the first floor of the Ottawa office – his door is always open.

The staff-centric philosophy is something that McIntosh Perry was built on. Starting as a small company, which is now in growth mode with five offices across Ontario, retaining employees as the company grows has been paramount to our growth. The level of excitement about our advancements adds to the overall positive work environment.

The interaction both professionally and off-the-clock all ties together to build a stronger, more cohesive working team. This translates into better communication and team work across the board - and ultimately a more positive experience for our clients.

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We’ve got better people working here because of our supportive work environment – those people who appreciate that there’s more to work than just a paycheque.