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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry fills need for solar farm rehabilitation

We’ve been doing a significant amount of work on restoration and rehabilitation of solar farms, stemming from erosion and storm water issues.

O’Connor said a lot of the contact stems from initial involvement in peer reviews of detailed design on the sites. He said if original recommendations from the peer review are not adhered to, issues can creep up after construction.

That’s when McIntosh Perry gets called in to provide reactionary restoration services. “We provide an essential, priority service when issues arise. When we’re notified about a drainage issue, we’re there the next day,” O’Connor said, adding that these types of concerns need immediate remediation.

But McIntosh Perry’s commitment to renewable energy starts well before post-construction. The firm has the ability to integrate its multi-disciplinary team of professionals creating projects that benefit both its clients and the environment. McIntosh Perry effectively collaborates on all aspects of solar farm construction, offering a complete service package that takes each project from the conceptual planning stage to post-construction.

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Although McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers is already recognized as a leader for renewable energy projects in Ontario, the firm is also filling a previously unidentified need when it comes to solar developments.

The engineering and related professional services firm is now becoming widely known for providing a niche service for rehabilitation and restoration of solar farms.

Adam O’Connor, project engineer at McIntosh Perry, said the firm is ready and fully equipped to provide immediate post-construction emergency services for solar farms. He said his division is heavily involved in preliminary work, detailed design, and the design build sphere, but after the contractor completes the project and leaves, McIntosh Perry is getting calls to help avert crises.

“We’ve been doing a significant amount of work on restoration and rehabilitation of solar farms, stemming from erosion and storm water issues,” he said, noting that several months after a contractor completes a site, potential issues can arise.

“Infrastructure on the site is prone to heavy settling if the site is not properly drained,” O’Connor said.

McIntosh Perry has performed rehabilitation and restoration on about a dozen sites throughout the province so far, located from Welland to Cochrane, and from Cornwall to Lake Simcoe. “There is no geographic boundary; we have been to many projects across Ontario,” he said.