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McIntosh Perry

Renewable Energy - Solar Farms

McIntosh Perry is a pioneer for developing renewable energy projects in Ontario.

We recognize that the fastest growing energy sector is based on photovoltaic renewable energy. To meet current client needs, McIntosh Perry provides superior service before, during and after solar farm construction, ensuring projects meet required quality standards.

McIntosh Perry is at the forefront of the industry, having assisted independent power generation companies with more than 50 renewable energy projects. Our highly-qualified team has a thorough understanding of the Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) process, which includes rules and requirements that will streamline any application for ground mounted solar facilities.

Our process is effective and has proven successful. Before construction, McIntosh Perry consults with host communities and government agencies to ensure the benefits of renewable energy projects are well understood and to mitigate possible impacts. Throughout the project, our firm works with both the owners and developers to protect natural and cultural heritage resources.

An important facet of McIntosh Perry’s expertise in this regard involves groundwater monitoring. Our firm is also a leader in hydrogeology pertaining to solar farm construction. Typically, McIntosh Perry is asked to prepare a groundwater monitoring plan prior to construction after being provided with REAs. From there, our team reviews background geological information, performs general consultations with the Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, and initiates communication with residents surrounding the site about voluntary water testing programs.

The ability to integrate our multi-disciplinary team of professionals creates projects that benefit our clients and the environment. We effectively collaborate on all aspects of solar farm construction, offering a complete service package that takes each project from the conceptual planning stage to post-construction.


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Key Personnel:

Adam O’Connor

Mark Priddle

Tom Jones

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