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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry turns redesign of site plan development into a positive client experience

We tackled the issues and ultimately made the project more cost effective for the client, while also saving time.

McIntosh Perry recently completed a redesign of a site plan development for Nortrax – while saving the client time and money.

It was announced several years ago that the Nortrax dealership currently on Cardevco Road off Carp Road near Richardson Sideroad was planning to move to a new, expanded location at 190 David Manchester Rd.

However, construction was delayed due to issues with the initial design. That’s where McIntosh Perry professionals stepped in.

Starting last November, the Ottawa-based engineering and related professional services firm took on the task of remedial work on the civil portion of the design. McIntosh Perry professionals came on board and were quickly able to turn an unusable design from another firm into something mutually beneficial for the client and approvals agencies.

Curtis Melanson, team lead for site development with McIntosh Perry, said not only did storm water management criteria not meet the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) standards, but the original design didn’t account for the building site being riddled with rock pockets.

“We tackled the issues and ultimately made the project more cost effective for the client, while also saving time,” Melanson said. “We reduced the volume of storm water needed by 45 percent and ensured no rock removal was needed.”

Jon Jonker, designer and site inspector with McIntosh Perry agreed, saying McIntosh Perry stuck to an aggressive timeline for completion of the project. “From start to finish was only eight months, with the ownership group attending the Ottawa McIntosh Perry office on Nov. 11 for initial meetings,” he said.

From there, a new set of plans were immediately drafted and follow up occurred only four days later with the contractor to discuss storage, drainage and grading. Throughout the winter months, McIntosh Perry staff was able to obtain approvals from the MTO, City of Ottawa, conservation authorities, and even the Ministry of the Environment.

Melanson said the positive, solid relationships earned by McIntosh Perry staff with approvals agencies benefited the project. “We had a lot of up front conversations with the MTO and good communications with approvals agencies,” he said.

Communication was also a key factor when going back-and-forth with the general contractor on site, Jonker said. He said they managed to maintain cost by working hand-in-hand with the contractor, so it was mutually beneficial from McIntosh Perry’s perspective and from the contractor’s perspective.

Next, the land development team made a submission to the City of Ottawa on April 22 to amend the initial design. It has recently been given verbal approved by City staff. Jonker said this was completed with zero review comments from the City and meant no changes for the contractor.

“The timing in which we were able to do this, to turn it around so quickly, made the owner appreciate what we accomplished, as well as how cost effective it was,” Melanson said.

The project saw various disciplines at McIntosh Perry come together to ensure the success of the project, including the planning, landscape architecture, environmental, municipal and the transportation groups.

Jonker added that all necessary approvals have now been obtained and the client is happy with the finished design outcome. To read more about land development at McIntosh Perry, visit http://www.mcintoshperry.com/services