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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry delivers quality asset management

It’s a comprehensive document that covers everything from inventory of assets to required repairs, maintenance schedules and what the best options are for individual municipalities in long-term planning.

McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. is a recognized leader for asset management, having built a highly-regarded reputation for providing asset management plans to diverse municipalities across Ontario. Whereas past trends indicate that municipalities once focused on expanding infrastructure to serve population and commercial growth, many are now focusing on renewal plans for their aging infrastructure.

McIntosh Perry’s Alex Siciliano said townships use asset management plans to sustain services for their residents and to enhance the competitiveness of its businesses, agriculture and industry by managing the municipality’s assets cost effectively. Within that, municipalities are now required to invest in asset management planning in order to receive government funding.

“It comes down to being a necessity for municipalities to get funding, but it provides a lot more than that,” Siciliano said. “It’s a comprehensive document that covers everything from inventory of assets to required repairs, maintenance schedules and what the best options are for individual municipalities in long-term planning.”

McIntosh Perry’s extensive experience in infrastructure, combined with its long-standing professional working relationships with municipalities, allows the firm to appreciate the significance of asset management plans. Siciliano noted that McIntosh Perry is capable of keeping all services enclosed within its firm. For this project, all engineering and planning aspects were completed by McIntosh Perry. “That creates only one contact point which makes it an easier process for our clients,” he said.

This was illustrated through the recent delivery of an in-depth plan created for the Township of South Stormont. McIntosh Perry was commissioned by the township to develop plans for roads, bridges, the water distribution system, the sanitary sewer collection system, as well as sewage and water treatment plants. The asset management plans were brought to council in December 2013, and showcased McIntosh Perry’s ability to incorporate an abundance of assets into one report.

The Township of South Stormont’s overall plan took a long-view perspective which focused on timely maintenance and rehabilitation to save money in the long term. Not only did the plan outline infrastructure sustainability, but it provided strategies on how to finance the operation, maintenance, renewal and expansion of the system, taking into account asset preservation.

McIntosh Perry worked with South Stormont staff and council to develop a plan that was tailored to the specific needs of the township. The commitment and dedication of these municipal members was extremely beneficial in delivering a study that best suited the municipality.

As part of its overall asset management commitment, McIntosh Perry incorporates

many aspects of the multi-disciplinary firm into completing comprehensive documents. For example, integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the South Stormont plan made great strides towards creating an asset management plan that allowed for smarter township decision-making by providing easy access to comprehensive data on its infrastructure assets.

“GIS is a powerful tool from both our perspective and for the municipality,” Siciliano said. “It gave us the ability to present the municipality with a visual representation of its assets.”

He added that GIS gives municipalities an advantage as data from numerous major infrastructure types can be incorporated into one report, allowing the township to better plan where and when to complete repairs or rejuvenation.

During the South Stormont planning process, McIntosh Perry also inspected each treatment plant within the township to assess their individual system components. This achieved a clear picture to better predict ongoing work needed, upkeep costs and maintenance for the treatment assets.

McIntosh Perry also incorporated 10-year planning, which schedules needed work and repairs in such a way that it allows the municipality to get as much completed as possible for the best value. This type of long-term planning gives townships an idea for upcoming work and allows proper budgeting, said Siciliano. As part of the long-term planning preparation, Siciliano said McIntosh Perry held talks with the public works staff and council members in South Stormont to prioritize required work, balance best practices and implement a plan that also fills needs for the township’s residents.

The plans can also have a lasting positive effect on improving asset maintenance, by giving municipalities options to preserve and extend life expectancy of assets. This was seen in South Stormont by recommending low-cost, life extending treatment for the township’s asphalt, potentially saving money for repairs or replacement down the road.

Siciliano noted that asset management plans are working documents, which are continually evolving to reflect the municipality’s budget, changing project needs and goals.

Asset management is a crucial component in municipal infrastructure planning and maintenance. McIntosh Perry has completed asset management plans for both urban and rural municipalities and has been highly successful in assisting municipalities with obtaining funding.

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