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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry municipal group showcases its capabilities

during First Avenue project

Finding a balance between the current design standards, working with what is existing and working with the public is integral...

The municipal group at McIntosh Perry is dedicated to serving its clients, using staff experience and a comprehensive approach to put its municipalities first.

This inherent understanding of municipal dynamics, as well as the extensive professional knowledge which McIntosh Perry municipal engineers and municipal planners bring to each project, combine to allow the ability to effectively and creatively deal with a diverse volume of work.

From underground utility design (storm and sanitary sewers and watermain) to above-ground infrastructure design (roads, cycle lanes, sidewalks and intersections), McIntosh Perry is an established leader in both urban and rural municipal environments.

Dylan Bennett, Designer with McIntosh Perry, said the firm’s municipal group not only brings that depth of experience to each project, but also harbours a keen ability to look through the eyes of each municipality to ultimately serve it, and its residents, in the best fashion.

He said this is highlighted throughout the First Avenue Integrated Road, Sewer and Watermain Construction project currently underway within the City of Ottawa. The extensive project will ensure efficient rehabilitation of both roadways and underground utilities in one program.

Bennett said McIntosh Perry was awarded the First Avenue project by the City of Ottawa in April 2013. The firm is tasked with providing detailed design, tendering and contract administration.

Tendering will be completed in April 2014 with a construction start-date aimed for May. In the meantime, the firm recently undertook public consultation, which Bennett said is an integral step in the process. McIntosh Perry hosted an open house in early December to incorporate comments from residents along the project site.

“It brings forward extremely useful and practical information from the residents,” Bennett said. “We wouldn’t know some issues exist if not for residents coming forward. It gives us a chance to be aware of and address those potential issues as we move through the design process.”

The project involves replacement, reconstruction and relocation of services as well as construction of a new bike lane and reinstatement of all existing landscape features on both public and private property.

Bennett said co-ordination is a key component with this scale of project.

With 1.2 km of watermain, sewer and road re-construction at the heart of the project, working with utilities and knowing planned work schedules is an important part of the design to avoid issues or lost time.

He said McIntosh Perry is currently working to achieve a fair medium between the public, utilities and the municipality’s needs. “Finding a balance between the current design standards, working with what is existing and working with the public is integral,” he said. “At the same time, we need to enhance the level of service that the municipality provides, whether that be through increasing safety and accessibility or through upgrading existing underground utility infrastructure to provide better services for residents.”

In fact, McIntosh Perry professionals recently got creative to overcome a potential challenge for the project. The decision was made to incorporate a sewer investigation, with the aim of installing a liner in a deep sanitary sewer to reduce the construction impact on the area. “Replacement of the deep sewer would have meant very deep excavation so we decided to go with a trenchless method to avoid the impact on the street and residents,” he said.

Throughout the design process, McIntosh Perry puts its multi-disciplinary staff to good use. Bennett noted that due to the Glebe being a mature community, its distinguishing features had to be taken into careful consideration. He said professionals from McIntosh Perry’s diverse teams in landscape architecture, traffic, urban planning, the environmental group, and geotechnical services have been employed to supply depth of knowledge and experience on the project so far. “On top of that, there has been a lot of interaction with the contract administration staff who have an abundance of construction experience to rely on for advice and contributing knowledge on constructability issues,” he said.

Looking to 2014, the municipal group will integrate public comment and complete the sewer investigation, which will lead to delivering the final design for the project in time for the tendering process to begin this spring.

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