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McIntosh Perry

Municipal Planning

McIntosh Perry is a leader in providing municipal planning services for small, urban and rural municipalities.

We are the only firm in Ontario to successfully design development permit systems for our municipal clients. In addition, McIntosh Perry is one of the few companies in the province to have written county official plans and completed associated reviews. Our dedication to providing efficient, high-quality service has earned us respect from our clients.

The McIntosh Perry municipal planning team possesses an intense knowledge of eastern Ontario’s municipalities. We understand the dynamics and decision-making processes of small urban and rural municipalities, and we are sensitive to the political and administrative  framework that play a role in those decisions. McIntosh Perry also has the expertise and experience to assist municipal clients with day-to-day land use planning issues. Our well-informed and seasoned staff is able to walk municipal clients through issues, providing timely verbal advice and following through with policy and regulatory solutions specific to each situation. Our experience and comprehensive approach set us apart and make us the firm to contact when issues arise.


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Greg Newman

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