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McIntosh Perry

Municipal Engineering

Feature Project

Brock Street Reconstruction- Town of Perth

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Drummond and Foster Street Reconstruction - Town of Perth

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Feature Project

Although much of the work that McIntosh Perry’s municipal engineering team completes is not seen day-to-day, it proves essential for operations of municipalities. That’s because it deals with areas under roads including underground utilities, water mains, storm sewers – and much more.

McIntosh Perry’s municipal engineering team is multi-faceted, also tackling above-ground work of roads, sidewalks and landscaping, which goes hand-in-hand with most projects in terms of design. That’s where the integrated services at McIntosh Perry are beneficial, as the municipal engineering team draws on other disciplines within the firm, such as transportation and landscape architecture.

Through McIntosh Perry’s varied professional disciplines, our firm is able to offer an array of services beginning with initial engineering investigations, to conceptual, preliminary and final design, to project approval, through to tender preparation and contract administration.

Many members of the municipal engineering team have worked previously as municipal senior staff. This practical experience affords us the inherent understanding of operations and maintenance issues as well as the consultation process. That in-depth comprehension allows McIntosh Perry the advantage of foresight, while also providing our clients with efficient and effective professionals who know the best routes of communications in such an atmosphere.

In doing so, McIntosh Perry has the ability to tailor our services to both rural and urban municipalities, recognizing that requirements can vary greatly among these settings. Our clients have included an abundance of municipalities across Ontario, involving a variety of small and large-scale projects. McIntosh Perry enjoys established and respected relationships with our clients and within the industry as a whole.


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