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McIntosh Perry

Our Core Values

McIntosh Perry Launches Core Values

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

Always put the cap on the toothpaste. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Every McIntosh has a core.

More than just inspirational messages, these words carry weight at McIntosh Perry. The growing multi-disciplinary engineering and related professional services firm launched its core values in early April, using creatively-crafted and memorable messages to highlight the values the firm already embodies.

The idea for a formal list of core values was planted several years ago by a new employee. The junior staff member posed a question about the corporate vision to McIntosh Perry President, Todd Perry – and it snowballed from there. “That seed grew for a long time,” said Perry. “We’ve always had these core values, but they just weren’t written down.”

Now, after spending time working with an outside business consultant, McIntosh Perry is putting on paper what the firm has always had: a solid list of core values ranging from being a leader to making a difference.

But this set of values is unique in that it drives home team work, personal accountability and enjoying the workplace, which are all focuses of working with McIntosh Perry.

When the company was small, Perry said these values were passed on to employees, but as it got bigger they realized how essential these values are to having a cohesive working team. Now, McIntosh Perry has started actively hiring based on these core values.

Perry said the firm tried to have fun while creating the wording for the messages, in an effort to make them memorable. To that end, the core values employ clever tag lines to highlight the focus of each value. For example,

the tag line Make Momma Proud stands as a firm reminder of the core value, Do the Right Thing.

Perry said he wanted people to be intrigued by what the firm stands for and envisions the values prompting further discussion.

“It’s really about validating all of the things that this firm has believed in for the last 20 years,” he said. “I want people to have fun, but to take their jobs seriously, to do the right thing.”

That being said, Perry said the core values are also a personal reflection of the company for him, illustrating how he feels about the people within the firm and what they represent as a whole. “The core values essentially describe who we are and what we stand for,” he said.

The depiction of children in the photos illustrating our core values, further drives home the message that most of these values are inherent in us as children. Perry said people learn these values at a young age, with parents teaching these basic aspects of life, such as personal responsibility and do the right thing. “This should be second nature,” he said. “The values we hold important, most likely have been engrained in us as children.”

Perry also gave a lot of credit to the current staff at McIntosh Perry for representing the company’s vision. “Our employees model these values,” he said. “This is simply who we are.”

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