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McIntosh Perry

Our Staff Testimonials

“Every day I come to work at McIntosh Perry proud to know I am a member of a highly-respected, diverse engineering firm that is rapidly expanding both in service areas and geographical areas. It is motivating to be employed by a firm that maintains a family-like atmosphere and works under the principle of best interest for its employees and clients alike. At McIntosh Perry, employees use your strengths and expertise while the firm also positions you to gain new experience.

At times, you may be assigned to projects that you may never have imagined before joining the team. My previous experience stems from 35 years working on highway infrastructure projects. But the day I came to McIntosh Perry, I was assigned project manager duties on a world-class track and field project. At first glance, it was daunting but it soon became apparent that it was an opportunity to apply past experience to a new environment. What a rewarding experience! I have also been provided the opportunity to venture into the development of new service areas. This offers new technical and interpersonal challenges. At the end of each day, I go home with pride and a sense of accomplishment because our team of professionals continues to make McIntosh Perry the service provider of choice for many public, private and contractor clients.”

John Taylor, Project Manager

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