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McIntosh Perry

Geotechnical Services

The geotechnical services group is a growing team at McIntosh Perry which provides expert assistance in pavement design, evaluation, and management, as well as geotechnical site investigations and engineering.

McIntosh Perry is able to offer innovative strategies and creative design by drawing on the experience of senior staff and the team’s overall proven skill set. The geotechnical services team enhances client satisfaction by using its broad knowledge base. Whether in design, or in field investigations and reporting, McIntosh Perry is committed to an unsurpassed level of professionalism and efficiency.

At McIntosh Perry, pavement design may include field and laboratory components, in addition to design reports and contract preparation. Pavement evaluation and management continues to increase in importance, as municipalities focus on asset management. The geotechnical team has extensive experience with recommending both pavement rehabilitation (including recycling) and preventive maintenance strategies.

Our firm offers full geotechnical site investigation, reporting and engineering services, including the planning and execution of field work, collection of samples and data, laboratory testing, detailed reporting, and design recommendations. McIntosh Perry also has the ability to complete both small and large scale projects.

Our clients include provincial agencies, municipalities, and private developers. We are able to offer our clients comprehensive service, by utilizing the varying disciplines at McIntosh Perry.  We work as one team to complete projects and, ultimately, better serve our clients.


Our  services include:

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