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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry excels in Embrun

…we understand the big picture, more than just the engineering side of things...

They may be multi-disciplinary and multi-year projects but McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers Ltd. has been dedicated to fostering the future of Embrun, Ont. every day since the projects commenced more than seven years ago.

The engineering and related professional services firm has had a hand in nearly every aspect of two significant developments within the Township of Russell: the Patenaude development and the Cloutier subdivision.

The former will see 500 lots constructed with potential for another 400, while the latter includes a 40 ha., 600-lot subdivision, with the potential for more than 1,000 lots. The completion of these subdivisions will herald a new era for the village of Embrun, which has a current population of about 6,000 people. Using foresight and backed by its official plan, the village east of Ottawa is capitalizing on its proximity to east-Ottawa to support its growth.

“Projects of this magnitude have never been completed in Embrun before,” said Todd Perry, President of McIntosh Perry, noting it involved many hours of communication and discussion to ensure all governments, agencies and organizations were on the same page. “We spent a lot of time with the township, county, conservation authority and the Ministry of the Environment trying to co-ordinate a mutually beneficial understanding between all parties.”

Not only has McIntosh Perry been responsible for contract administration and project management services on the projects as an integral part of co-ordinating everything above ground, but it is also assisting in changing the underground landscape of Embrun.

McIntosh Perry designers touched on every aspect in these new communities, providing detailed designs for streets and parks, as well as for sewage collection, pump stations and watermains. Perry notes that in both scenarios, there are watermain and sewage force main pipes crossing under the Castor River. Nothing in these projects is small, with one sanitary force main exceeding 5 km in length. The firm is also providing project management services for the Embrun Lagoon expansion and upgrade project.  The list continues.

The costs for the mega projects topped out in the millions, with construction on the Cloutier site starting in 2013 with a budget sitting around $7 million, and the Patenaude site work commencing in 2014 with an estimated budget of more than $10 million.

Perry said a key piece of the puzzle during both projects has been McIntosh Perry’s solid working relationships which offer the ability to consistently bring all parties together. For example, the new Patenaude pump station has been in the works since 2011. The township and the developer recently reached an agreement for its construction which will serve the new subdivisions, solving many of the sewage collection issues for Embrun.

The projects are putting McIntosh Perry’s diverse talent to good use. Not only were the firm’s land development services utilized, but its professional expertise spanning every aspect from biology to roads were brought in to combine efforts for a smooth outcome. Perry said the environmental and natural sciences teams were required to undertake avian, terrestrial, and fisheries studies. McIntosh Perry’s traffic group was consulted for further research and the firm’s land development services, municipal group and a litany of planners worked together to co-ordinate every facet of the projects.

Perry said McIntosh Perry’s expert capabilities in the areas needed for the projects were a deciding factor in the firm being awarded the assignments. “Our clients like our practical approach and that we’re able to make things happen in house,” he said, noting we are willing to make decisions that are results oriented. “We understand the big picture, more than just the engineering side of things.”

Perry said that ability to look to other disciplines serves the company well in conversations about the various aspects of each project. “We can make high complexity projects happen,” he said, adding that the success of the project is really a testament to the hard work and dedication of the professional staff at McIntosh Perry.

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