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McIntosh Perry

Environmental Engineering

McIntosh Perry provides environmental engineering services ranging from feasibility studies and environmental assessments to detailed site design.

McIntosh Perry’s environmental engineering work centers around environmental regulations. We understand that wading through these regulations can be confusing and our educated environmental engineering team is here to help make sense of it all.

To that end, McIntosh Perry provides focus for our clients and communicates effectively to guide them through the maze. At the same time, we assure compliance with the regulations on each project. We serve all levels of government as well as small to large corporations and individuals.

The McIntosh Perry environmental team includes engineers, geoscientists, biologists and ecologists, also working with field technicians, environmental scientists and environmental inspectors. This experienced line-up of professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality service in the fields of waste management, water resources, environmental assessment (EA), environmental inspection and environmental management. Essentially, we offer a full slate of services ranging from inspecting drinking-water systems to waste management facility design – all within the context of Ontario’s current regulations.


Our  services include:

Key Personnel:

Mark Priddle

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Environmental Engineering