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McIntosh Perry

Design Build - Alternative Delivery

The McIntosh Perry Design Build - Alternative Delivery team has quickly solidified itself as a leader. When our firm is contracted to deliver projects, the McIntosh Perry Design Build - Alternative Delivery team has the ability to take a project from concept to operations with integrated services.

One of the key strengths of the McIntosh Perry Design Build - Alternative Delivery team is the open, two-way collaboration between the design team and contractor throughout the project. Our efficient communication team considers this dialogue to be one of the most effective and essential attributes to ensure the client’s interests are best served. That positive exchange of ideas translates into a more fluid process for our clients – promising creative solutions and timely results.

McIntosh Perry fosters an environment of constant adaptation. Our diversity in transportation engineering and co-ordination services, along with a growing number of highly knowledgeable and innovative staff, combines with construction contractors to allow continual adjustment to the changing contractual environment of the day. The Design Build - Alternative Delivery group is the leader for these change initiatives within McIntosh Perry and within the transportation engineering industry as a whole.

Another unique asset which McIntosh Perry embodies in this discipline is our superior understanding of the research, development and implementation of new delivery models being introduced by the province and other clients. McIntosh Perry has a proven track record of successfully completing performance-based design build contracts across Ontario on time and on budget. This team is also becoming involved with the MTO Construction Manager General Contractor contract delivery model.


McIntosh Perry serves provincial, municipal and private clients with the client’s preferred construction contractor or contractors who have proven successful working with our firm. McIntosh Perry builds on those past relationships with every project, while also continuing to earn trust in the industry.


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