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McIntosh Perry

Thank you for making the time to participate in our Client Satisfaction Survey.

Feedback is important to us. In July 2014, for the first time since our company’s inception, McIntosh Perry launched an Employee Engagement Survey. Almost 84% of all staff participated (96% of whom were full-time).  

One of the important messages we received was that we could improve in the frequency and delivery of performance feedback. We committed to getting better. One of the ways we accomplished this was setting a goal to improve the number of completed performance reviews within the company. The senior management was dedicated to ensuring that every single full-time staff member would receive a review and they themselves were no exception. We streamlined our appraisal tools so that they could not be a barrier, and by April 2015, 100% of full-time staff had received a performance review.  

We look forward to the opportunities that your feedback will bring.

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